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  • The PIT 123 e 24th street (map)

The Zodiac Attack Squad is about the fuck with the Disney Princess Universe. Hard. 

Like, really hard. Calling all Gamers, Geeks, Nerds, Weirdos, and Comic book junkies. This sketch show will take you on an interactive ride through a hilariously fucked-up universe with a bunch of asshole heroines mouthing off and kicking faces and fingering your heart.


What's this sketch comedy show about?


Imagine that Deadpool & Sailor Moon had a baby. 

(Best wet dream you'll ever have. Take it from one who knows). 

Now, imagine that baby was raised to be an Amazonian-Rebel-Alliance warrior in a world that's like Skyrim plus Star Wars plus Bitch Planet.  Now, imagine this warrior is powered by her Zodiac sign.Multiply her by twelve and set her loose to wreak havoc on the Disney Princess Universe. That's SUPER-HEROINE: ZODIAC ATTACK.


Find out more:

Twitter: @ZodiacSuperHero

Earlier Event: February 20
Vicariously Yours, 
Later Event: February 25
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