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Join Brooklyn Wildlife and Unruly Collective with the help of Kamoflage, Smokes n Jokes, Sam Morrison and Artery for: Dopentadecacostacomics - 50 comedians, one night. 3 stages - two indoor and one outdoor, in a private secret location in Bushwick. A mix of stand up, musical comedy, improv, dance and more. When we say comedy... understand that we mean the full breadth of the art. We understand and recognize the cultural significance of comedy as a reflection of society and wanted to get a ton of folks in the room that all are passionate about the craft.

What to expect

What happens when you mix folks from various circles of the comedy world and put them all in one place. Mayhem. We will have a mixture of performance art, musical comedy, stand up and improv split amongst 3 stages - one upstairs, one downstairs and one in the yard.

Why is this happening?

We seek to breach cultural bubbles and bring folks together that normally would never meet each other... what better than a comedy festival.